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earned to▓ do it beautifully, and it wa●s the greatest delight to hi

m and he was re●ady to play all the evening.● Now that there are so many in▓ventions to give music this does

not ▓seem remar

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kable, but in 1855 it was most wond●erful, and the greatest possible

joy.We hear●d all the most beautiful operas and classic▓al music that we never would have heard or kno▓wn any

thing about.The

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music came in little wo●oden boxes about two feet long and six inc●h

es wide and high.They occupied a corner▓ in the drawing-room, and when piled were about▓ four feet high and fo

ur feet wid▓e.{

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143} The dear little piano w▓as moved during the war to the int▓erio

r where we refugeed, and it is stil▓l in the family—very tired,▓ but still sweet in tone.But the● boxes of m

usic were lost d


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uring the war.I ●have often regretted it greatly, ●because it seems to me it was quite as beau▓tiful as any of the machines I have heard since●, and the collection of music was so fine.This ●piano cost $1,000 in Paris, besides t▓he heavy expense of bringing it o▓ver to this country. My s●ister took music lessons while in Paris f▓rom M.Lestoquoi, a distinguished ▓pianist, and made great strides in her pla▓ying; she really was a beautiful musicia▓n. My father was elected go●vernor of the State the next year and as t●here would be necessarily a great deal o▓f entertaining in which Della would have ▓to ta

ke part, papa decided


  • that it would be bes▓

    t for her not to return to schoo▓l, as it would be impossible for her to keep ▓her min

  • d on her studies.So, t

    hough she w▓as only sixteen, she left school.T●here were balls and receptions and d?/p>

  • 坕nners, and though I

    had no part in th▓em, it was hard for me to st▓udy. All my sister’s ball dresses

  • cam▓e from Paris, an

    d it was the ▓most exciting thing to see he●r dress{144} for a ball.At that ti▓me t

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